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✦YBS is Now Offering 1-Day and 3-Day Juice Cleanse Year Round!✦

Pre-order your cleanses today!

Please note that we will be limiting cleanse orders to 5 clients per day so we encourage you to get your orders in ahead of time!

Ask desk staff for details!


Juice Cleanse Hdr
607-677-0490 Johnson City
Step 1: Read & Sign the Juice Cleanse Flyer/Waiver below. You can email your completed waiver to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop off the completed form to Yoga Body Shop at 765 Harry L. Drive, Johnson City. Please call 607-677-0490 with any questions you may have regarding your cleanse. We are here to help!
Juice Cleanse Flyer
Note: Orders must be placed 48 hours before pick up.
Step 2: Prepayment is due at the time of your order. Call to Order Your 1 or 3 Day Juice Cleanse!
Order 1-Day Cleanse   Order 3-Day Cleanse
 1 & 3 Day Juice Cleanse
• 6 juices including 1 dessert provided for each day.
• 1-Day Cleanse $60
• 3-Day Cleanse $150
• Yearly and 6 month members get 15% off!
What You Should Know
A couple days prior to your juice cleanse program starting, it is a good idea to start eliminating things in your diet like coffee, alcohol, dairy, red meat, and bread products.
Every morning before you start your day of juice, start off with a warm glass of lemon water or decaffeinated green tea. Then when your body needs something more, begin with your juices for the day.
Juices That Will Be Provided:

Breakfast Celery + Lemon
Mid-Morning Carrot + Pineapple + Ginger
Lunch Apple + Pineapple + Spinach + Kale
Mid-Afternoon Apple + Pear + Spinach + Cucumber + Lemon
Dinner Beet + Carrot + Apple + Lemon + Ginger
Dessert Coconut Milk + Cinnamon + Dates + Almonds + Vanilla Extract
Note: Dessert must be consumed at least 3 hours before bedtime to ensure digestion.

What if I need to eat?
When on the cleanse it is better to stick to just the juices but if you are active or just really hungry, that is ok! The best foods to consume are raw veggies and fruits or half an avocado, a baked sweet potato or bone broth based soups.
After The Cleanse!
Your body just worked very hard to rest the digestive tract. Be sure to ease back into its natural function by introducing gentle foods first, such as soups, salads, veggies, and light proteins like beans and fish. Introduce heavier foods back into your diet one at a time.




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