Beginner Hot Yoga Classes in Binghamton NY

Yoga Body ShopYoga is for you! Beginner Hot Yoga is designed to get a beginner started in attaining a high level of self-awareness, balance, and strength.

The room will slowly be heated to allow for gradual acclamation to the heat. Yoga in the heat will ease the tension building in your muscles, allow your muscles to stretch and lengthen more and even help lubricate your joints for better range of motion.

All classes will begin with breathing to center the mind, following that will be a combination of sun salutations, balancing postures, and stretching and strengthening postures. Your body movements and breathing will guide your practice. This class is a perfect beginning to a continued lifetime of health.  The class ends with savasana (relaxation).

Be prepared to sweat. Bring a towel to place on top of your mat, and one to wipe off your face and body. Bring water to drink.  Dress accordingly, you will be sweating and in a hot room so less is more.

If you have questions about Hot Yoga, call 607-677-0490, we'd love to hear from you.


Hot Yoga

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