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Personal Power Development Program
and Yoga Teacher Training
Coming to YBS September 2019

Discover Your True Self — Your True Power
Empower Yourself & Inspire Others Around You

Yoga Body Institute Personal Power Development Program
200 Hour Teacher Training

Sunday, June 30
Now is your chance to ask questions. Stop by for an “open forum of discussion.” There will be previous teacher training graduates there who will share with you their personal experiences during teacher training and share how it's impacted their growth in their life.

Personal Power, Transformation & Leadership

Are you ready for a life enhancing transformation? Are you ready to view yourself and the world around you with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of self? Are you ready to tap into your own personal power so that you can face any situation with confidence? Are you ready to really make a difference in the lives of the people around you?

baptisteinspiredvisit-300x200.jpgHave you ever considered teaching?

Our Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed for you to discover your true self and your true power. Through the teachings, principles and methodology of Power Yoga you will discover how to tap into the power within you which will allow you to create and build a powerful life and share it with the people around you.

You will be ready to teach a yoga class with confidence and so much more. As a 200-Hour Teacher Trainee, you will learn the physical, energetic, and spiritual implications of yoga. More importantly you will learn the importance of living from your own authenticity. Through the study and practice of the ancient principles of yoga you will be inspired by your own transformation as well as by your contribution to the transformation of those around you.

This program is designed for yoga practitioners of every level, as well as those who simply wish to deepen their own understanding of yoga. The side effect of taking this program is that you will be eligible to apply for your Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance. The real benefits of the YBI Teacher training program is that it will empower you to live a life which is full of joy and freedom and your radiance will inspire others to do the same.

You will journey deep into the principles of the 8 limbs of yoga and into yourself. You will experience union in your life and you will bring to light what your true work is as a teacher and leader in and/or outside of the classroom. Let the unrolling of your yoga mat each day be a symbol of the unraveling of your current beliefs about yourself, which is necessary to be in touch with your true self. Your true authentic self will ultimately be your source of true power.

What can you expect?

This program consists of 9 two day long weekends from September—March along with various homework assignments between meetings.

In this training you will:

  • Learn the necessary principles of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Discover your seat as a teacher and leader
  • Learn how to assist asana practice with confidence
  • Teach in workshop and live class settings
  • Learn to give and receive feedback to learn and grow
  • Explore ancient and new yogic philosophy
  • Learn how to teach and experience the power of meditation
  • Learn how to teach by empowerment and example
  • Learn about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Break down barriers that hold you back from being your true self
  • Be supported and coached throughout this program
  • Have homework that will consist of reading, journaling, observing, critiquing, and sharing

This is a rigorous training that requires 100% commitment with an open heart and open mind. The rewards for this program will show up not only in your improved yoga practice but also in your improved sense of self which will radiate and be felt by everyone in your path.

“Yoga Body Institute Training is designed
to empower you to discover your true self and
find your true power within!”

We are located at:
Yoga Body Shop, 765 Harry L. Drive, Johnson City, NY 13790
Go to for details and to download an application or call 607-677-0490 for more information.


Application Fee: $50 (to be used toward tuition payment—no application fee refunds) 
Application Deadline: September 13th

Once an application is received and reviewed, the applicant will go through an interview process either in person or on the phone. It is through the interview process that the applicant truly learns what the program entails and commits to the program and its rigorous requirements. If the applicant is accepted and agrees to the commitments of training program they will be notified of acceptance.

For those wanting a payment plan option, be sure to get your application in by the deadline date of September 13th.

  • Teacher Training Tuition: $3150 – $1000 due upon acceptance into the program and due no later than September 13th. The remainder of $2150 due on 1st day of training — September 28th 2019.
  • Optional Unlimited Yoga at Yoga Body Shop from September 28 – March 31 — $400 (at a discounted rate)
  • Books of required readings approximately $100–$150 (buy online)

Early Bird Special

$300 off Tuition if application and application fee are submitted by August 31st.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available — Payment plans will be developed individually upon request after your phone interview and signature on the enrollment agreement. Payment plans will be structured within the following parameters: $1000 due upon acceptance with the remainder broken into equal monthly payments (at the 1st of each month) so that total payment is complete by February 15th, 2020.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. $50 Application Fee is non-refundable. Yoga Body Institute (YBI) will refund all monies paid if the applicant is not accepted (with the exception of the application fee).
  2. YBI will refund all monies (except $50 application fee) as long as the applicant has not begun training.
  3. When calculating refunds, the official date of a student’s termination is the last day of recorded attendance:
    1. When the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program; or,
    2. When the student is terminated for a violation of a YBI policy which provides for termination; or,
    3. When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for two scheduled weekends.
    4. All refunds must be paid within thirty calendar days of the student’s official termination date.

Refund Policy & Schedule
Hours Completed Refund Amount
0 – 25 75%
26 – 50 50%
51 – 100 25%
101+ 0%


Required Weekend Training Dates:
Main Program Runs From September 28th, 2019 through March 1st, 2020

Saturdays: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. (with breaks included)
Sundays: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (with breaks included)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Dates 2019
September 28 & 29
October 12 & 13
October 26 & 27
November 9 & 10
December 7 & 8

Dates 2020
January 4 & 5
January 18 & 19
February 1 & 2
February 15 & 16
February 29 & March 1

Other Required Training Dates:
Teacher Trainees are also required to participate in the 40 Days To Personal Revolution Program which begins on October 27th and ends on December 7th.

Here are the additional dates & times trainees are required to attend:

Sunday October 27th from 5–6 pm — Large Group Meeting
Sunday November 3rd from 5–6 pm
Sunday November 10th from 5–6 pm
Sunday November 17th from 5–6 pm
Sunday November 24th from 5–6 pm
Sunday December 1st from 5–6 pm
Friday December 6th (Time – TBD) — Large Group Meeting

Our Team

Ron Sambursky (Co-Owner of Yoga Body Shop in Johnson City, NY) has been teaching yoga since 2007 and is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor and Yoga Alliance RYT 500. He has been mentoring yoga teachers and yoga assistants since 2011. Ron is a graduate of the Baptiste FIT to Lead 2 Year Program. He actively assists Baptiste programs since 2012. Ron maintains a regular yoga practice and is a perpetual student himself. He enjoys sharing all that he has learned with those around him. Ron brings his enthusiasm for yoga to this training and motivates students to find their own unique path to success through principles of yoga and transformation. Ron believes that everyone has a hidden power which is ready and waiting to shine!

Linda Sambursky (Co-Owner of Yoga Body Shop in Johnson City, NY) has been teaching and practicing yoga since 2000 and is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor and Yoga Alliance RYT 500. Linda is a graduate of the Baptiste FIT to Lead 2 Year Program. She continues to create a community of empowered people and strives and believes in empowering people who help themselves. It is her passion to create a community of people who are “change agents” both in their personal lives and within the community around them. Linda’s educational background as a Special Education Teacher has shown her that no matter what your limitations are, believe in yourself and you will go far!

Guest Teachers will be sharing their knowledge in various aspects of yoga such as ethics, various styles of yoga, anatomy, therapeutic applications, pranayama, chakras, and meditation.

Personal Power Development Program and Teacher Training
September 28th Program Details

Main Program Runs From September 28th, 2019 to March 1st, 2020

Weekend Program Schedule:

Saturday 8 a.m – 9 p.m. Short breaks, lunch break, dinner break
Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Short breaks, lunch break, dinner break

The training program will be limited to 30 students with a maximum of 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Individual Homework
Homework will be given between weekend sessions. This work will include anatomy study, reading of philosophy, attending regular yoga classes, observing and writing critiques, meditating regularly, journal reflection and written assignments.

Below is a general overview of the hours that will be spent on various elements of the program:

Topic Educational Categories Training Hours
Techniques, Training and Practice Includes asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, traditional yoga techniques 102
Teaching Methodology Demonstration, observation, assisting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, business aspects of teaching yoga. 32
Anatomy & Physiology Physical anatomy, bodily systems, organs, energy (chakras), applying principles to yoga practice (benefits) 20
Yoga Philosophy / Life Style and Ethics Study of yoga philosophies, yoga lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers 32
Teaching Practicum Practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing, assisting students 14

Weekend Expectations
Our weekends will be packed full from start to finish and they will be both fun and challenging. We will meditate, practice, assist, engage in group discussions, journal and much more. Be open for anything and expect the unexpected. This program is about discovery—show up curious, dive in and get involved. You can pack your snacks, your lunch and dinner or plan to eat at Wegmans which is a short drive from Yoga Body Shop. Yoga Body Shop has a Juice Lounge on site so there is plenty of room to relax during breaks. No need to worry—there is plenty of parking.

Formal completion of the program and the right to apply to be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 through Yoga Alliance is based on assessment of: attendance, participation, completing assignments, hands-on assisting, and teaching. Assessment rubrics will be given ahead of time so you know what to expect. Short quizzes on anatomy, asana and some key features of philosophy will be given to help you prepare for the final exam. You must pass the teaching practicum and final exam.

Attending every scheduled training day is very important—not only to fulfill the Yoga Alliance 200 hour requirements, but also to be a support and a stand for the whole group. Working together as a community sharing and participating creates the foundation for growth within the training. You matter because you are a vital part of this powerful training!

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 through Yoga Alliance is based on a required total of 200 contact hours in various aspects and teachings of yoga which is broken into different required categories (see program and topic categories chart above). All scheduled training days are required to account for your hours. We understand that emergencies arise, or you may need to miss a day for a specific reason. In order to make up missed hours, please contact Ron or Linda Sambursky directly to make arrangements. More details will be given during the 1st day.

Required Readings
Baptiste, Baron. (2003). Journey Into Power, New York, NY: Fireside.
Baptiste, Baron. (2004). 40 Days To Personal Revolution, New York, NY: Fireside.
Iyengar, B.K.S. (2006). Light On Life, USA, Rodale, Inc.
Long, Raymond MD, MFCSC (2009). Scientific Keys Volume 1: The Key Muscles of Yoga, USA: Bandha Yoga Publications.
Long, Raymond MD, MFCSC (2009). Scientific Keys Volume 2: The Key Poses of Yoga, USA: Bandha Yoga Publications.

Optional Readings
Desikachar, T.K.V. (1995). The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice, Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions International.
Heartranft, Chip (2003). The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, Boston, MA: Shambala.
Broad, William J. (2012). The Science of Yoga, New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.
Baptiste, Baron (2013). Being of Power: The 9 Practices to Ignite an Empowered Life, United States, Hay House.

Yoga Body Shop Amenities

Yoga Body Shop has three locations. The teacher training will be located at 765 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City, NY. The Harry L. Drive YBS location is a 4900 sq. ft. facility complete with men’s and women’s locker rooms, showers, juice bar and lounge area with plenty of parking. YBS offers over 40 classes per week. Enjoy YBS Juice Lounge which offers fresh cold pressed organic juices and fresh smoothies daily. YBS has open wifi and also carries hot yoga accessories and apparel.

YBS Exterior

About Yoga Body Shop
Yoga Body Shop is a Baptiste Affiliate Studio. Yoga Body Shop, LLC was founded in 2007 by Linda and Ronald Sambursky. Normal business hours are:

  • Monday – Thurs 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Friday 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Sunday 8 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. & 3:30 – 7:30 p.m.
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