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* Coming in January 2019 *

40 Days Workbook largeCome experience 40 Days To Personal Revolution at Yoga Body Shop.  It’s a Transformational Revolution!

This 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program is for any one that has been seeking answers. You will learn more about yourself and the way you respond to situations - whether based on past experiences or just patterns of “that's always how it's been done.” This program will allow you to be honest with yourself if you are willing to do the work. You will reshape your physical body and your way of thinking! Go ahead—take a chance--meet your TRUTH head on! This 40 Day Program goes way beyond the physical practice of just doing yoga. This program, will teach you how to create a balance between mind, body, and soul. You will learn to let go of things that no longer serve you and you will learn to embrace new experiences and challenges. Create new healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Are you looking to break old habits and create new healthy ones? It takes 40 days to ingrain a new way of being into your system. Clean out the old and welcome the new. Start your personal revolution with Yoga Body Shop.

The Program Includes:

  • UNLIMITED YOGA AT YBS – 40 Days of UNLIMITED yoga at YBS. You will have the ability to practice every day with an unlimited membership; however, practice in the studio is not mandatory to successfully complete this program. A daily practice of yoga can be done at the studio or at home at your convenience.
  • READING, JOURNALING AND HOMEWORK – You will use Baron Baptiste’s book 40 Days to Personal Revolution to support you and inspire you through this process.
  • MEDITATION – You’ll practice twice daily. Meditation support and guidance will be given throughout the program.
  • MINDFUL EATING – The text and weekly meetings and discussions will help you to create healthy eating patterns. There is a gentle detoxification during the program: a three-day fruit cleanse! The fruit cleanse will not only help with detoxification, but will reward you with a sense of accomplishment as well.
  • OPTIONAL 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE - Cleanse includes: 6 Juices provided for each day - 18 Juices total
  • WEEKLY GROUP DISCUSSIONS – The weekly meetings will be extremely beneficial. There will be 2 large group meetings—one in the beginning of the program and one at the end of the program. There will be a group discussion meeting held weekly at YBS to help support you in this process. Attendance is strongly encouraged. These meetings will be an opportunity for you to discuss as a group and share your experiences with the readings and the excavation questions. As a group, you will find strength, encouragement, and support in each other.
  • SUPPORT - We are here to support you to succeed! You will be assigned a "40-Day Buddy" who you will check in with 1x/week for 20-30 minutes. Surround yourself with support and it's okay to ask for help! You will be invited to join our "40 Days Support Group" Private Facebook Page. It is here you can ask questions, check-in with others or even provide support to someone who needs help.

In order to receive the full benefit of this program, please come prepared with an open mind and heart, and be ready for anything!


  • $135 – this includes group meetings, supports and 40 days of unlimited yoga at Yoga Body Shop.

  • FREE for studio clients who hold a 6 month or Yearly Unlimited Membership at YBS.

  • COMMUTER PRICING: $50 (yoga not included)

  • OPTIONAL 3-DAY JUICE CLEANSE - $150 – 6 Organic Juices Daily

  • The book 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste is available for purchase at Yoga Body Shop for $15 +tax

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