Yoga for Your MENTAL Health

In previous months, we have discussed the many health results that are produced when participating in yoga regularly. If you haven’t read the July blog, “Yoga for Your Health”, check it out here. Baptiste Yoga is a dynamic, deeply physical style of hot yoga. To name a few benefits, the practice can improve one’s health by releasing tension in the body, enhancing stamina, increasing flexibility and improving posture.


Yoga Teacher Training—More than Teacher Training

You have experienced the power of yoga and want to advance your practice. You are curious about Yoga Teacher Training as it seems like the natural progression of any dedicated practice. Typing “Yoga Teacher Training” into Google returns pages of results opening your eyes to all there is to consider before proceeding down this path.

Yoga Body Shop offers both 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training courses through their Yoga Body Institute, right here in the Binghamton area. With our next 200-hour training course beginning this month, we thought we would offer the following insights for those considering Yoga Teacher Training.

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