Ready for a Shift?

Today the words “work-life balance” have taken on an entirely new meaning. Our daily routines from just a few months ago are out the window. Work stressors are completely different. Whether you are working from home for the first time or facing the community as an essential worker, you are now operating in unknown territories. Parenting is also full of new responsibilities—teaching assistant, activity director and entertainment coordinator—to name a few. Spikes to daily fear and anxiety are to be expected when you add all of this to a roller coaster economy, ongoing information overload, and the isolating reality of social distancing. Stress easily takes over and can negatively impact you both physically and mentally. So, as you begin to navigate this “new normal” how do you successfully process and manage stress?


Creating Community Even in Crisis

A couple of months ago you could walk through any public space and spot most people moving through their day in a trance, focused on the device in front of them. Face to face contact was rare, and a sense of community was missing. Digital communication had become the default mode, while hanging out “In Real Life” was an idea of the past.

The trend was concerning when you considered the significant health benefits gained by strong, established community support developed through in-person interaction. According to a review of 148 studies conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University, social connections increase your odds of living longer by 91 percent. Close personal connections also proved to improve survival rates and quality of life for people facing cancer, stroke, dementia, depression, and diabetes ...


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